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Steve Hackett Setlist @Club Citta'Kawasaki

Part I :from Acolyte to Wolflight

  1. Spectral Mornings
  2. Out of the Body
  3. Wolflight
  4. Every Day
  5. Love Song to a Vampire
  6. The Wheel's Turning
  7. Loving Sea
  8. Icarus Ascending
  9. Star of Sirius
  10. Ace of Wands
  11. A Tower Struck Down
  12. Shadow of the Hierophant

Part II:Genesis classics

  1. Get'em Out by Friday
  2. Can-Utility and the Coastliners
  3. The Cinema Show〜Aisle of Plenty
  4. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
  5. The Musical Box

Firth of Fifth

Steve Hackett - guitars and vocals
Roger King - keyboards
Gary O'Toole - drums, percussion and vocals
Rob Townsend - sax, flute and percussion
Nick Beggs - bass, guitars and vocals
Nad Sylvan - vocals